Here’s How to Give Up Smoking

How many of you were back to work today? Not just me then.

Kind of sucks but hey, at least it’s almost the weekend. Earlier in the week I spoke about my resolutions, what I intend to change in the next few months but I know it’s also a time when many of us attempt to give up our vices. If you need help to giving up smoking, please get in contact.

Invest in vaping to stop smokingSo today I’m asking, what are you giving up? I said I wasn’t going to promise anything diet or fitness related but I really do want to cut back on fizzy drinks, I know they’re no good for me and they definitely don’t make me FEEL good but most of all my husband worries about them.

I don’t so much but I know there’s a lot of research that says that my diet coke really is quite terrible. It’s not totally dissimilar to the way I feel about my Dad smoking.  He’s in his 60s now and has vowed never to give up because ‘when people my age give up they get all kinds of things wrong with them’ – that may be true (in some cases) but it doesn’t stop me worrying.

I wish he would cut back or quit but I know he won’t. My brother on the other hand is a social smoker and still young enough to reverse the damage he’s done so I was really pleased that he jumped at the chance to try this electronic cigarette. Find out more.

If you want to get into vaping as a way of stopping smoking, we recommend buying a vape pen. You can buy your starter kit online which gives you everything you need to get started into the vaping world. You can also buy E-Liquid and replacement vape pens. Click here.

“A mild, classic flavoured disposable electronic cigarette.”

Vapour is a lightweight, realistic looking e-cigarette with a soft-tip and LED light on the end which glows a soft red when inhaling.

Vype contains ECOpure e-liquid, one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids available. Manufactured in the UK, you can trust ECOpure e-liquid to deliver quality and taste.

The length of time you can enjoy the satisfying Vype taste will depend on your personal vyping behaviour. However as an indication a Vype disposable electronic cigarette delivers approximately 130 puffs in laboratory testing.

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